M.A.O.S for Java

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MAOS (Meta-Attribute Object Store) is a light-weight Java library/framework implementing simple Object perstence using search-engine technology.

MAOS provides basic persistence service for plain old Java objects (POJOs). MAOS does not use serialization, XML or object-relational mapping.

Instead, MAOS treats individual POJOs as documents indexed by a search engine. Popular search engine library, Jakarta Lucene, is used to index individual object attributes and provide lightning-quick searches.

At the moment, MAOS provides basic object manipuation via Find (by attribute value, by class, by free-form Lucene query), Retrieve (by objectId), Delete and Store methods. Additionally, optional security is provided by implementing Unix-like (users and groups) permission scheme for individual Java objects.


JavaWorld article on MAOS

01/23/05 0.93 is out. Now supports arbitrary StorableObjects. An Object does not have to implement any special interface, just have to have "objectId" JavaBean property.

12/28/04 0.90 is out. Now supports Map-based storable objects as well

11/22/04 This is the initial code dump. It is suitable as a building block of something bigger.

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